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Driveway Paving: How it's Done

If you are regular reader of our blog, you may have read the one we did on cleaning your driveway. (add link)

We don’t think about it but driveways have an important role in our standard of living. The modern driveway is where we park our vehicles, our visitors park their vehicles, our children and grandchildren play on it and they add value to our home.

We know how to take care of them. But, do we know how driveways are actually made so that they can be the reliable addition to our home (not all homes have paved driveways, of course)?

Paving an asphalt driveway, which should be done by a professional driveway paving company, is done in the following steps:

1. If you need your driveway paved, your first step is to hire a professional paving contractor. They have the (expensive) equipment to mix the stones and cement with the liquid asphalt cement (which is manufactured with petroleum).

2. Your asphalt should be strong, durable and have a smooth surface. It should be able to last through all temperature extremes and be unaffected by salt. Most residences use asphalt as compared to cement since it is easier to maintain, more attractive and cost-effective.

3. Your paving contractor will first inspect the old driveway. They will clean oil stains, patch holes and cracks and then apply a tack coat which is an asphalt emulsion, to bond the new driveway to the old driveway. (if it is bare soil, then the dirt and rock must be dry.)

4. Once the old driveway is cleaned, patched and overlaid, then the paving contractor begins pouring the asphalt from the asphalt truck barrel. Usually a 5”-6” of full asphalt will make it a much more durable driveway that can handle some of the extreme weather that we have in Central Virginia.

5. Now that the asphalt has been laid, it must be compacted while it is hot. The time it takes to place and compact your new driveway depends on the length of it and the outdoor temperature. Typically it takes twenty minutes to lay and cool the driveway.  


6. When the driveway is completed, the paving contractor then inspects it to fill any holes or missed areas.

7. Now, you can enjoy it and use it!

The main point to remember from this blog is to hire a licensed and experienced paving contractor. You or your friends should NOT do this type of project on your own. It could be a costly and embarrassing disaster. Always, hire a driveway paving contractor! You will not regret it.

Williams Loader Service, LLC is Williams Loader Service, Inc. We grade driveways for the paving company as needed, usually in cooperation with the final grading of new homes. An old gravel driveway can be re-graded for a new paved driveway (paving companies also have their own grading equipment to prep for new driveways). For a consultation and price, please contact us at (434) 589-3759 or susan@williamsloaderservice.com for more information.

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