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Fall is Coming: Seeding and Landscaping Your Lawn

Summer is coming to a close.

For some of us, especially those of us who work outside for a living, that is a huge relief. Central Virginia has had one of the hottest summers on record. The arrival of fall weather in a few weeks will be welcomed my most of us who have felt the oppressive hot days, especially those of us who work in construction and spend most of our working days under the sun.

So, since fall is around the corner, are you making any landscaping plans for your lawn? It may seem a bit early to plan but it really isn’t. These are the perfect days for over seeding, aeration and yard maintenance before the winter hits. Your soil will be cool enough to plant seeds and it’s easier to break the soil for planting.

While the time is right, begin doing seeding and landscaping your lawn. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Purchase the finest quality grass seed: Don’t just buy and grass seed and there are a lot out there. Instead, look for seed that is approved by NTEP (National Turf Evaluation Program). This stamp of approval from NTEP means that the seeds are bred for color, disease and drought resistance and insect protection. Don’t buy the cheaper seed. It will fail you and eventually you will have to do it all over.

  2. Research the grass grown in your area: Which grass is grown best in your area? We covered the topic of grasses in a previous blog. Research the best grass or consult with your neighbors.

  3. Prep the soil: Now that you have decided on the grass type and purchased the seed, it’s time to break and prep the soil. Now, loosen the soil about 2”-3”. Remove the debris and break up the soil. Finally, level the area.

  4. Over seeding an existing lawn: Mow the grass to it’s lowest possible height. Loosen the topsoil. Remove dead grass. Then level those areas where rain water might collect. Once you have over seeded, fertilize the bare spots.

  5. Plant the grass seed: Now that cleanup and prep are done, you can actually plant the seed. Spread it evenly by hand or use a hand-held spreader. You should apply 16-20 seeds per square inch. Do not spread more than that or the seeds will not have enough nutrients causing weak or thin grass in those areas.

  6. Cover the seeds: Drag soil lightly over the seeds so about 1/4 inch of soil covers them. Add mulch or fertilizer after that to add nutrients and keep soil moist.

  7. Water the grass seed often: Water the seed at least once a day until it reaches 2” in height. Then, water regularly so grass roots are moist.

Once you have taken these necessary steps, your grass will be ready for next spring. It should look healthy and attractive.

Williams Loader Service also landscapes and installs lawns in the Central Virginia area. Our lawn installation services also include seeding, fertilizing and strawing. Contact Williams Loader Service at (434) 589-3759 for a lawn installation consultation or email us at susan@williamsloaderservice.com.


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