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Grading to Install Hardscape

Grading your hardscape. When it comes to landscaping, there are fewer, more important upgrades you will do to your home and property than this one.

Many homeowners want to enjoy and live in their backyard during the spring and summer months (even into fall and winter for the cold weather lovers). They want to build a patio and add furnishings. It’s a smart thing to do as it increases the property value and can be aesthetically appealing.

A paver patio also is built to endure heavy traffic, children playing, and any type of weather. Maintenance may be only cleaning it a few times a year.

Building a paver patio is not a long, drawn-out process either. Most grading contractors can build the paver patio in a weekend or a few days.

Here is the process for creating a paver patio:

1. Choose your paver patio type. Paver patios come in several types of materials: concrete, slate or stone. Most patios have a 6” layer of gravel for its base.

2. The hardscape grading contractor will mark the with paint.

A mason line, attached to wooden stakes are driven into holes outside of the perimeter markings.

3. As the grading contractor figures out the height of the patio, you will have the pavers grade away from the house to reduce water buildup and damage. The mason line and stake height are adjusted to 1” for every 8’.

4. The paver then will clear out all the grass, trees, bushes and other brush before adding the paver sand and stones. They then spread the paver base to 4” around the area.

5. Then they compact it and wet it for a strong base.

6. Once this is completed, the paver adds sand over the entire patio area.

7. They complete the job by adding paver stones, edging stones, and edging stones.

Now, you have both a new living space and you’ve added to the value of your home! Your spouse, children, and guests will be impressed with the new addition. Also, you will have a place to enjoy during the summer months with children and a place to entertain adult guests and groups. Costs may range from $15,000 to $30,000. (Central Virginia prices.)

Williams Loader Service, Inc, is an experienced grading contractor and will work closely with your paver contractor to build a beautiful new patio. Call us at (434) 589-3759 or email susan@williamsloaderservice.com for an estimate.

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