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How and Why You May Need to Re-grade your Gravel Driveway

Erosion attacks everything. Beaches. Farms. Mountains. Roads.

You name the location. Whether city or country, every landscape erodes. Some erosion is obvious. You can see it, walk on it and drive on it. It can also be dangerous. If some erosion is not corrected and repaired, those people using it may get hurt.

Central Virginia has experienced major rainfall this past year. According to reports,

un-managed storm water causes erosion and flooding. It also brings with it excess nutrients, sediment, and other contaminants into bodies of water.

One area that erodes is the one we use every day: the driveway. Your driveway has automobiles, people and pets continually. This daily heavy use creates the “cart effect” meaning the enormous weight of these vehicles rolling over the same two tracks, compacts the soil.

Water also causes erosion to your driveway. It causes erosion ruts to become deeper. Additionally, water makes driveways muddy. If it ponds in the middle of your driveway, it can create a ditch.

There are several ways to re-grade your driveway:

1. Use fill stone: Filling these tracks with stone will let your vehicles ride on something harder and return your driveway to its grade level. The crown will not be reduced and the height of the driveway will remain the same. This a lower cost method of re- grading your driveway which can work in the short term.

2. Crown it: Ponding can be prevented by re-grading it by adding a crown which will repel water from the center of the driveway. This is effective for driveways which may be long and flat.

3. Re-grade: An excavating contractor can also do it by using a skid-steer or tractor with a blade to correct the grade for water flow. They will create a flat grade by spreading crushed gravel. Usually, all you need is about ¾ inch of gravel to create a smooth surface.

These solutions will certainly solve your driveway erosion issues, especially here in Central Virginia/Charlottesville area where we have recently experienced heavy rains and severe humidity. Driveways have experienced much erosion and are in need of re-grading.

Hire a licensed contractor to do an inspection of your driveway and make recommendations for re-grading your gravel driveway. Then, they can apply the best method for your driveway to drain properly when it rains.

Williams Loader Service, Inc. of Palmyra, Virginia, has experienced people who can diagnose your need and the equipment to re-grade your driveway. Call us at (434) 589-3759 or email susan@williamsloaderservice.com.

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