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How Building Contractors Keep the Equipment Safe During Winter

By the time you read this blog, snow has already hit Central Virginia. Schools have closed, businesses have shut down and everyone has hunkered down in their homes, cozy, waiting for the sun to rise and melt the ice or for the plows to scrape their roads.

It’s a ritual that we seemingly go through every three or four years when we get slammed by one-foot snow storms or one-inch ice storms that coat our roads. We all migrate to our homes until it passes.

We may be safe and sound in our homes but that is not the case for construction equipment. It never goes inside.

In fact, most construction equipment has to endure frigid winters and still be able to operate when called upon. Even though that is expected (especially if you knew how much these things cost), construction vehicles still need to be maintained and protected. Here are some ways that builders keep their construction equipment safe during the winter months:

1. Store them in enclosed areas: Loaders, dump trucks and other machines should be stored in a shed or building. There should be some heat on so that oil can flow freely. If oil freezes, it can cause major engine problems.

2. Keep the battery charged: Battery-powered forklifts and other equipment depend on the charge. So, you should keep the battery charge as full as possible. The colder the temperature, the more energy the batteries will use to start the engine. Starting it several times may cause it to run out of power. If you park it outdoors, remove the battery and store it indoors.

3. Warm the engine up: Believe it or not, construction equipment can be just like regular vehicles. They need to be warmed up, too. Don’t turn it on at full power. Let it reach its normal operating power. Take it for a test drive after that. (Don’t ever charge a frozen battery or it will explode.)

4. Check the tires: Virginia weather can go the gamut in winter, from zero degrees to sixty degrees, even in a week. Snow, rain, ice, freezing, heat, all can cause damage to your equipment tires. Inspect the tires for cracks, cuts and punctures. Change out the damaged tire if needed.

5. Grease it: Be sure to properly grease all areas so there will be no moisture buildup using a low-temp lube.

6. Diesel Exhaust Fluid: This fluid freezes at ten below. On the nights where it reaches that temperature, heat and thaw the DEF so you can run the equipment.

7. Clean the snow off of the undercarriage: Never, ever let snow sit on your equipment for days at a time! Always clean all debris and snow from it as it will damage equipment if left on it.

Construction companies, loader services and other businesses in this industry invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their equipment. It is crucial to take good care of it during the winter months.

No need to worry about it, however, as Williams Loader Service has all the equipment needed for winter projects and we take meticulous care of each and every vehicle! Contact us at (434) 589-3759 or email us at susan@williamsloaderservice.com.

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