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Landscaping for a New Lawn in the Fall

Cold weather is here in Central Virginia. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner. Our attention tends to go toward turkeys, presents and rest.

Even though the nights are in the thirties and leaves are covering the ground, it doesn’t mean that your lawn care gloves can be hung up until spring. There are some things you can do now to keep your yard in good shape through the fall and winter. Then, when spring arrives it won’t be so difficult (or costly) to get it in shape.

So, here are some landscaping tips for your lawn that will make your home the best view in the neighborhood:

1. Rake early and often: Leaves choke out sunlight and prevent plants form making food. They are also slipping hazards especially for the elderly. Plus, leaves can be little mold factories which can cause allergic reactions. Weekly raking until the leaves are gone or mulched will keep your lawn healthier.

2. Fertilize with nitrogen-rich fertilizer: Feeding your lawn with this type of fertilizer which delivers the nutrients your lawn needs. This should be done before winter hits.

3. Aerate it: Soil compacts and is stressed by heat over the summer. Thus, you see brown, thin grass. Aeration removes soil plugs away from the yard and frees up the soil to get nutrients from the roots. This will lead the way for your lawn to be greener and healthier next year. A lawn professional can help you do this.

4, Seed the lawn: Reseed the bald patches on the lawn with the correct grasses. If this is difficult especially in a lawn that may be uneven or large, bring in a lawn professional to power seed it.

5. Water it: If the weather has been dry, and Central Virginia has days like that, then water it. Use a rain gauge and see how much water has fallen. If it is dusty and has not gotten any rain for a while, water it evenly but don’t saturate it.

6. Mow it: Mowing to its normal length is fine until, of course, it stops growing.

7. Pest control continues: The insects that live in your lawn may migrate to your home in the winter. So, spray a pesticide and begin eliminating pests now so you don’t see them in your kitchen later.

Maintaining your lawn is not just a six-month project. It’s really all year-round. Just doing a few things each week will keep it healthy and make it easier to upgrade in the spring when the sun is out and the weather is warm.

Williams Loader Service, Inc. grades for lawn installation. We seed (with appropriate seed for the season), fertilize and straw or straw mat. Call (434) 589-3759 for a consultation. We serve the Palmyra, Charlottesville, Albemarle and Central Virginia areas.


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