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Landscaping Your Lawn this Winter: Five Tips on Doing it Right

It’s Central Virginia and the dead of winter. The outdoor garden is dormant. The ground is frozen. It’s below freezing practically every night.

Certainly, there is no need to bother landscaping your lawn. Right?

Oh, that is so wrong.

In fact, the winter season is a great time to do some real landscaping. Don’t neglect your yard just because of the season.

So, here are Five Tips on Landscaping Your Lawn this Winter:

1. Remove all leaves, branches and other debris: That seems like a pretty basic move, however, it is also the one people usually forget. So, be sure to clear your lawn of leaves, branches and other debris for one simple reason: all of that prevents the sun from reaching the grass blades roots underneath. Lack of sunlight always means spotty or less lawn growth. Get your lawn cleared first before you proceed with the next steps.

2. Make sure the bushes and trees are trimmed: Pruning the trees and bushes now are a major step. There may be decayed branches, dead fruit or blooms and other deteriorated areas that need to be removed and thrown away. If there are dead trees, hedges and bushes that need to be removed, hire an expert lawn care or landscaping company to do the task as removal can be tricky, even dangerous, if done incorrectly.

3. Flower beds need to be pruned: Prune all the plants in your beds and remove debris. Make sure the edging is set by using a lawn mower. Once you have completed it, plant your bulbs for spring. Your bulbs should be elevated and well-drained, too.

4. Spread your mulch: It’s not too late to get that mulch spread on your lawn and beds. Spread the mulch to about two inches high. Just don’t cover the shrub trunks or tree trunks. Do some research on mulch as not all mulch is of equal quality.

5. Clean your tools and gutters: Your tools may be dirty so clean them and lay them out on a table to dry. Examine them to see if any need to be replaced. Sharpen your hoes and shovels. Finally, clean out the gutters so water can flow freely and irrigate your yard.

Winter is a time to rest from your serious lawn care during the spring and summer, but it isn’t a time to neglect your lawn landscaping entirely. Just doing these few steps will help you when the time comes to do it regularly again.

Williams Loader Service, Inc., also offers some lawn landscaping services. Contact us at (434) 589-3759 or susan@williamsloaderservice.com for more information or to make an appointment.


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