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Never Seen, Always Needed: Home Footings Installation

Do you ever think about your home’s foundation? Most homeowners don’t unless there is something that cause damage to it.

A strong home foundation doesn’t just hold your foundation to the ground. It also keeps out moisture, protects from the heat and cold, keeps out rodents, bugs and other animal invaders and resists ground movement.

So, how does your home foundation do it? The footings that keep it anchored and steady are a main cause of it keeping your home, your biggest property investment, in healthy shape.

The average home weighs about fifty (50) tons and the foundation weighs around seven (7) tons. That is a lot of weight anchored to your property!

So, in every new home, the home building contractor has to create a strong, resilient and quality foundation for it. A poorly-constructed foundation will damage everything built over it, eventually.

One of the most crucial elements of a home foundation are the footings. Footings are units built into the brick work, masonry or concrete. It is under the base of a wall and distributes the load over a large area.

Once you have determined the correct footings, depending on the soil, (we will cover that in another blog), the home building contractor can begin installing them.

Then the footing installation process starts


1. Installation begins: The footings are dug and then they begin pouring concrete into wood forms or into the trench. Footings are created from these casts.

The footings are then sealed to protect them from moisture.

2. After the concrete has cured, concrete block is used to create the stem walls (if you are going to have a basement). They begin with a wall in the foundation corner. These "leads," which give masons two endpoints to string a line so they can build a plumb and level wall between the two points. This makes a straight and level wall that's keeps basement walls consistent.

3. Sealants are applied immediately to the new home’s foundation walls. This keeps the moisture out.

4. Once the foundation is completed, the actual building of the home can now start. But, as you can see, the construction of the foundation and its footings are crucial in a quality home.

Williams Loader Service installs footers in new home construction and additions to homes. We can efficiently install the footings according to your construction schedule. Contact us for a consultation at (434) 589-3759 or susan@williamsloaderservice.com.

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