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Show Your Love for Your Customers: Signs your Parking Lot Needs Repairs

February is the “Month of Love”.

Couples show their love for each other by giving them chocolates and flowers. Then, they take them out to eat a nice restaurant followed by a romantic walk in the park.

This clever conspiracy of florists, restaurants and candy manufacturers, has made them a lot of money over the years. Nonetheless, it is a traditional way that husbands and wives show their love for each other.

There is also another way to show your love-this time for the customers at your business. No, we aren’t talking about giving them chocolates or flowers.

Instead, we are talking about something more basic: your store or building parking lot. If your store parking lot, which you own and maintain, has a lot of cracks, holes or depressions, it is not only unsightly, but it can be a liability issue.

Customers or clients can fall or slip and break a limb or wreck their vehicles into pedestrians, cars or the building, itself. A parking lot that has not been repaired could even turn customers away and you lose money.

Yes, your parking lot is crucial to your business running well. So, you need to take a look at your lot and see if has these obvious problems:

1. Potholes

2. Alligator cracking: Usually a surface weakness. It may be too thin or have poor drainage or a combination.

3. Block Cracking: Look like rectangle. The pavement has probably shrunk.

4. Longitudinal or Linear Cracking: cracks even with the pavements center line or laydown direction.

5. Transverse Cracking: single cracks perpendicular to the pavement's center line or laydown direction.

6. Edge Cracks: inside edge of the surface within one or two feet.

7. Joint Reflection Cracks: cracks in a flexible pavement such as asphalt over concrete.

8. Slippage Cracks: crescent-shaped cracks or tears in the surface layer(s) of asphalt

9. Depressions (bird baths): surface areas with slightly lower elevations than the surrounding pavement; they can be seen after rain as they are filled with water.

10. Rutting: depressions in wheel-tracks.

If your business parking lot has any of these issues, you need to get it repaired, and the sooner the better. A licensed and experienced parking lot repair contractor can inspect it and repair it. They may regrade the lot by 6” with asphalt.

Williams Loader Service, Inc. can take up old asphalt, and regrade your business’s parking lot so it is ready for new paving. We do it efficiently and quickly. Contact us for an inspection and consultation at (434) 589-3759 or email susan@williamsloaderservice.com.

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