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Ten Warning Signs You're Having Drainage Problems in Your Basement

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

You’d be in rough shape without it.

In fact, your basement is dependable, day in and day out, and, frankly, you’re pretty spoiled by how it does the job for you. You use it as a storage room, sewing room, man cave, spare bedroom, college hangout or, most importantly, the mother-in-law’s room.

Without your basement, your style of living would suffer big time. So, it’s important to keep it in good repair and maintained well.

It's not a stretch to say that a well maintained basement in good repair is a dream and worth many a good night’s sleep.  A basement that has issues is a nightmare. 

However, basements, while durable are also vulnerable to water damage. Heavy or moderate rains flood basements regularly (a topic for another blog) plus wear and tear, animals and age all assist in breaking down your basement walls and foundation.

So, you need to be on the lookout when you see the following Ten Signs that You’re having Drainage Problems in Your Basement:

1. Musty odor: If your basement smells like wet socks, it probably has a leak. The water has been seeping into the basement, possibly through the windows.  


2. Wall cracks: These cracks, which may be hairline or large, are definite indications.


3. Floor cracks: Hydro-static pressure under the floor causes water seepage and cracks basement floors.   


4. Bowed walls: Bulges or inward curves in concrete walls. This is the most serious, and possibly costly, sign of drainage issues as this can compromise the home’s foundation.


5. Mold: Sometimes seen but most of the time unseen. Mold can make you and your family sick, cause major health issues and may even be fatal.   


6. Efflorescence: A big word for one little sign: chalky stuff on your walls. This comes from cracks where water has run in. While a bad sign, it is not a health or foundation risk.

7. Water lines on basement windows: Water in the window well drain is apparent.

8. Water marks on walls: Basement walls that have water stains that run down mean that water is draining over the top of the foundation. This is most likely grading problems. You need a professional grader to come in and repair it.

Your basement takes good care of you from being a place to escape to after work to storing that bread maker you will one day actually use to the in-law whom you’d rather know is there but never see. It is your “go-to room” so take good care of it.

If you need grading on your basement or a consultation should you suspect a drainage issues, call Williams Loader Service at (434) 589-3759 or email at susan@williamsloaderservice.com.

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