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The First Big Step: Clearing Trees for a New Home

Before a new home is built, the trees have to be cleared. As Ken Williams, owner of Williams Loader Service, LLC, Palmyra, Virginia, tells us, it is the first important step in getting land ready for the home's foundation to be laid and the home to be built.

A wood chipper is used for the trees that were taken down by the front-end loader. In this construction example, the owners of the property are building a large home with a driveway and parking area. It is time-consuming to clear the lot due to the trees.

The leftover trees and brush are loaded into a dump truck and disposed at another location. The wood chipper is fed by hand or machine. It saves a lot of money for the contractor and the owner by using it.

The chips are then spread around to keep mud down. It is ecologically sound and an efficient use of wood debris.

Williams Loader Service can clear your trees for your new home construction, using front-end loaders or excavators, dump trucks and wood chippers. Contact us at (434) 589-3759 or susan@williamsloaderservice.com for more information or to make an appointment.

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