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We dig it: When do you need a Residential Excavator?

Excavating on your property is a big job.

When considering a residential excavating contractor, you will be hiring a company that uses excavators, front-end loaders, skid steers, mini-excavators and more. Their excavation work involves clearing trees, leveling your site for digging a basement or footers. Many excavation companies also offer a myriad of services.

In fact, when you’ve decided on developing your property, choosing the right and the best excavator is so crucial. They should be chosen carefully and with several criteria in mind.

Here are several tips on what a residential excavator can do for your home project:

1. Rainwater and drainage: Excavation contractors can also help navigate the drainage needs of residential properties. Rainwater is the main cause of water damage to homes that don’t have proper drainage. It usually accumulates in deep holes on the property. This drainage can destroy plants, grass and erode the soil. When this occurs, the residential excavator can advise on what is the best resolution to the drainage such as adding plants or trees to the area.

2. Driveway drainage issues: Water cannot drain into the pavement, thus it will pool on the driveway at the lowest spot(s). An excavator can install a sloped driveway so water flows down the side and is absorbed into the lawn or onto the road. Drains can be installed with metal grates on top.

3. Move the dirt around: An excavator moves dirt at a construction site for you to build a new residential or commercial building. They work with the contractor and subcontractors according to blueprints.

4. Private roads: As we have covered in a previous blog, excavator contractors also build private roads for landowners so they have a road that takes them straight to their home.

5. Tree clearing: Excavators also clear land of trees so that a home can be built on the property.

6. Demolition: They demolish buildings and remove the old materials.

7. Driveways: They re-shape or make changes to it.

As you can see, your local residential excavating contractor can help you in a number of ways with your home construction project. Make sure they are licensed and get three references before hiring them.

Williams Loader Service, Inc., is an experienced residential excavation contractor who can help you with your building project in an efficient and professional manner. Call us at (434) 589-3759 or email susan@williamsloaderservice.com for an estimate.

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