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What does your Crawl Space do?

Your home has a lot of areas which cannot be seen but are very crucial to the health and maintenance of it. We have discussed footings and their role in your home foundation.

Another forgotten feature of any home is the crawl space. It is always inspected when you are buying the home, yet, after that, it is basically forgotten.

Some crawl spaces have gravel floors and heavy clear plastic to seal it from the environment instead of  concrete. It depends on the builder and, in some cases, the year the home was built.

So, what exactly does a crawl space do for your home? It has three primary uses:

1. Convenience: Your crawl space is a place for your HVAC piping to be installed. It can also be a convenient place for water and sewer distribution throughout the house.

Future repairs or replacements of HVAC units are easier to do.

2. Sloping: A crawl space makes moving or sloping for a concrete pad unneeded. They save you money.

3. Crawl spaces, which are in almost every home in Central Virginia due to the wet climate, have a lot of moisture-related problems.

Check any crawl space in an older home and you might find the following:

1. termite and insect infestation

2. floor warping

3. mold

4. musty odors

5. dust mites

6. allergies

7. bad indoor air

So, as you can see, crawl spaces are vital to your home whether you live in Charlottesville or the surrounding counties in Central Virginia, where it can endure heavy, steady rains or even flood. Your home’s crawl space is needed and should be maintained.

It is possible that your home may not have a crawl space or the one it has is not suitable anymore. In that case, you would find a licensed and experienced home foundation repair contractor to install or re-install a crawl space.

Most crawl spaces openings are 2’ x 3’ which is just enough room for an average person to crawl into it. It should be hollow, between your first floor and the ground. Your contractor does the digging, dirt removal, fixes any structural issues like new footers or a cement floor.

Once the crawl space for your slab has been built, have the contractor show it to you. All you have to do now is make sure it is maintained and cleaned.

If you’re not sure if your home has a crawl space, have a contractor do an inspection. Once you have established that you have no crawl space or the one you have needs massive cleaning, hire a licensed, home foundation repair contractor to do it.

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