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Your (Possible) Construction Wish List for 2019

Christmas is over.

New Year’s Day is over.

January is here and everyone is back to their routines. Kids are back in school.

Life is normal again.

Yes, life is back to normal but it doesn’t mean you can’t make plans. In fact, now is the time to plan.

And don’t just plan something small like a new stoop at the back door or a painted dog house. You need them both done but you can still dream big and even make those dreams come true.

Here are five home construction ideas for 2019 and beyond that you could accomplish and not break the bank:

1. Storage Building: You have to face the facts-your garage cannot hold one more box, another ladder or even another bike. It is jam-packed! You can alleviate the angry looks your wife gives you as she tosses the junk aside just to get into the car by adding a storage building. A basic version (90 x 120 or 144 x 288) can hold riding mowers, snow blowers, garden tools, shelving and other items. Prices can range from $900 and up. They usually come in aluminum, wood, vinyl or resin. They are quite affordable and most neighborhood associations approve of them. Lastly, they may also add to the value of the home.

2 Detached Garage: You may not even have a place to put your cars, motorcycles and bicycles. You may have to go out into the typical Central Virginia weather which could be ten degrees in February with six inches of snow on the ground (and on your car) to one-hundred-five degrees with humidity in July with you sweating so hard, it seems like the shower you took fifteen minutes ago is worthless. In that case, you may want to build a detached garage next to your home. Detached garages typically are 32 x 22 so two cars and some storage can fit in them. Before you buy or build one, determine the size of vehicles you will be parking in them. Use a tape measure to find out the size of your cars. The average car is 14’, average small pickup is 18’ and an SUV, van or pickup is between 20’-22’. You want to allow an extra 4’ for other items such as bikes and tools. The prices for a new, detached garage can range from $2,500 to $25,000. Not cheap but a definite property value enhancer and a fool-proof way to store your vehicles and other property.

3. Build a new road to your home: We saved the biggest and most expensive for last. If you live in the suburbs or even farther out in the country, you may have a road leading to your home that is a bit too “rural” (read: rocky, hole-ridden, seizure-inducing gravel road) It may be time to build a new road to your home. Professional road builders (like us) can clear the trees, smooth the dirt and lay the driveway. Your driveway will no longer feel like an Indiana Jones movie set. Of course, the prices for this work can be high but the benefits for you and your family are priceless and much healthier than what you have now.

No matter what you are able to do this year for your home, be sure to do the research and hire licensed, professional home construction contractors. Get references and photos of their work.

Williams Loader Service, Inc. can do all the land clearing for your storage building, detached garage or a new road. We have over forty years of experience and many happy clients in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia area. Call us at (434) 589-3759 or email susan@williamsloaderservice.com.


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